Weekend Boot Size™ Guide

We always recommend measuring your foot length to ensure you find your best fit.To best find the length of your foot, measure a straight line from the tip of your big toe to end of your heel.

Our Weekend Boots™ are perfect for all foot widths as the laces can be tightened or loosened accordingly. They are true to size, however, you may want to size up to provide extra wiggle room for a thicker sock.  


EU Length
6 3
6.5 4
7.5 5
8.5 6.5 6
9.5 7.5 7
10 8.5 8
10.5 9 9
43 28.03 11 10 9.5
44 28.70 12 10.5 10
45 29.36 11.5 11
46 30.02 12.5 12

Fit tips

 → Our Weekend Boots™ are made for all foot widths narrow to wide.
→ They run true to size.
→ If you are in between sizes, size up.
→ Make sure you try them on with a thicker sock and that your toes aren’t hitting the front of the boot when you walk.
→ If you still need a little more wiggle room, you can replace our thick removable insole with a thinner option to get a bit more space.
→ They may take about 3-5 wears before giving way to the unique shape of your foot. To avoid blisters, make sure you break them in before you heading out on a longer, or more intense walk.

Fit testimonials

Olivia - Normal Width, Winter Wear
"I've got a normal width foot, and usually take a 7 US. The size 38s fit me perfectly with a thick sock."

Mila - Wide Width, Day Hiker
"I've got a wider sized foot, and I found that the laces really helped provide the perfect fit. I'm generally an 8 US and the 39s fit me well with a bit room for the ups and downs of a light day hike."

Stella - Narrow Width, City Wear
"My feet are quite narrow, and I'm always a 7.5 US in my boots. I got the size 38s and they fit perfectly. I wear them around town, grocery shopping, and walking my dog."