Who We Are

Thesus™ is a socially and environmentally progressive brand of outdoor footwear and accessories. We are made up of a small ragtag band of industry outsiders from around the world.

We have big imaginations but we listen, think and act carefully. We believe that positive change happens when even simple ideas are given wings. Our ideas are brought to life through connection, commitment, and design simplicity.

Our Values

  • Connection

    We connect with the best producers in the world, those with generational knowledge and those who also share our values of accountability, transparency and sustainability.

    We stay in the region, we break bread, we laugh and share stories, we get to know the culture and community, and most importantly, we work closely to make better shoes, for People and the Planet.

  • Community

    Our commitment centers around ensuring that the People and the Planet are considered at every stage of our value chain. We have aligned ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to make sure we are always at the forefront of addressing important issues like Ocean Pollution, Climate Change and Economic Inequalities.

  • Good Design

    We believe in good design as a way of reducing waste. We focus on what matters: material make-up, design simplicity, sustainability, quality, comfort and functional integrity. We create versatile shoes that you actually want to wear, on-or-off the trail year round.


At Thesus™ we believe that honesty and transparency are the most important drivers in ensuring progress is made for People and the Planet. We reveal our entire materials list on each product page, so there are no questions left unanswered.

We are always looking to be better at what we do. That means, we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative materials and partners. If you have any suggestions or direction, please reach out to us at support@thesusoutdoors.com.

Diversity & Inclusion

Thesus™ is proudly BIPOC woman-owned, and women-led, and we will continue to ensure diversity in all ranks as we grow.

We are dedicated to achieving the best practices for equitable hiring, growth, and pay for every team member and committed to ensuring that diversity of size, race and gender/sexuality is being celebrated internally and externally.

100% Living Wage

We believe that living wages are at the center of our quality of life as communities. We want to ensure that we provide a supportive environment so that people lead happier and healthier lives. At Thesus™, 100% of our current staff and staff of our direct manufacturers, are paid a living wage.


At Thesus™ we commit to working in regions in the world that have overarching systems and good governance in place to support a decent standard of living. We spend months finding the right people to partner with, live in the regions, and build friendships with their teams.

To form partnerships with factories, we move to the regions where we operate. Our founders get to know the owners and employees and take the time to understand their current sustainability standards and future ambitions for how we can together work toward operating within planetary boundaries, centering community wellbeing and the planet. This process is a personal one, that takes the vetting process well beyond certifications and helps to ensure we are partnering with suppliers whose values are already in alignment with Thesus’™goals of operating within planetary boundaries with a focus on nature based solutions.

As of July 2022 we have moved 100% of our production to Portugal, beating our goal of an HDI rank by 3% achieving an HDI 0.864.

For more information about our production check out our factories:

  • Calcado Netos (São João da Madeira, Portugal)
  • Calcado Albano (Vizela, Portugal)
  • Calçado Eurovilde (Felgueiras, Portugal)

Climate Positive

We are not neutral when it comes to climate change. We are aiming to be regenerative in all of our activities, meaning, we want to be Climate Positive in all of our activities.

Diverting Waste

At Thesus™ we are committed to making footwear that has a positive environmental impact on the world. We do this by taking the time to research materials; natural materials that have been used for millennia, as well as new and innovative materials that have a net positive impact on the world around us.