Meet The Everyday Sneaker™

A sneaker that’s made with you and the planet in mind. The Everyday Sneakers™ are designed using materials that have minimal impact on the earth. From organic cotton to recycled natural tree rubber, each component is carefully chosen to reduce the carbon footprint and landfill through full circularity. They’re more than just a shoe - they're a statement of your commitment to living a #regenerative lifestyle.

How It Works

The Everyday Sneakers™ are more than just a shoe - they’re a way of life. You’re meant to wear them to the ground... literally. When your ready to part ways, simply remove the laces, metal rivets, and tear apart the upper from the sole. The upper is made from 100% compostable organic cotton so you can simply plant it in your garden and leave it to decompose. Send the soles back to us and we will turn them into the next pair.


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